13/11/2017 - BLUE NOVEMBER

On November 13 and 14, 'Blue November' awareness activities were held. The intention was to educate employees about the disease and thereby reduce the mortality rate that is still high. Also show the importance of having a healthy diet and practicing physical activity, to avoid prostate cancer and also other diseases that have as a factor obesity, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, among others.
The action was attended by two Sesi professionals. Physical educator Adilamara Valentin, who performed gymnastics with employees and nurse Elaine Fretola gave a lecture on prostate cancer.
The main reason for the high rates of prostate cancer is the men's prejudice in taking the rectal examination, key to discovering the disease. Twenty percent of patients are diagnosed in advanced stages, which causes the mortality rate to reach 25%. Inheritance is one of the major risk factors for the disease.
For the diagnosis, two tests need to be done at the same time: the touch and the PSA, blood. When associated, the results give a safety of more than 90% for an early diagnosis. The indication is that men seek a specialized doctor (urologist) to monitor their health and to detect prostate cancer from the age of 50.