Social Responsibility

Being a socially responsible company is a challenge that is renewed every day. Rather than respecting the environment or providing improvements in its employees and community areas, it operates quality of life, the social responsibility for Melt is a new way to look at the business, the society and the world where we live. Thus, the company invests in intern programs and social campaigns that aim, besides the improvement of our employees, the welfare of the community.

More information about our programs and causes.

“Your child’s place is in school.”

The future of Brazil is in our kids and young adults hands and the education is the pillar for a better country. Having this in mind, the Melt has developed this program aiming  to indicate to the employees that the education provided for their child is the main e most valorous inheritance.

The program consists in giving each of the employees child, as a motivation to continue in school, a scholastic kit using a criteria as defined by the company.

“The blanket campaign.”

Each early winter the company makes acquisition of blankets and sweatshirts that throughout our intern staff, give to the local communities, valuing the importance of these coats and the positive feedback of this action.